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Welcome to the Ellie Rose Collection

The Ellie Rose Collection is above all else a mark of quality. In our lovely range of products, you can rest assured you are getting a beautifully crafted and memorable product you can enjoy. Our collection is hand selected, to make sure every single product is luxurious, and perfect for every occasion. If you are searching for the perfect gift for a special someone, or just looking for a gorgeous treat to enliven your life, the Ellie Rose Collection has everything you want. Gifts are made easy, with the Ellie Rose Collection.


We want every single product we sell to be special, and that is why we select only the most unique and extraordinary products from around the world, bringing them all together for you in a breath-taking single collection. Our products are fabulous, fresh, and stand out from the crowd. From our wonderful candles and melts handcrafted in the heart of Yorkshire, to our bath soaks lovingly handmade in the highlands of Scotland, our collection is filled with these little moments of magic. A large proportion of the products we offer are entirely handcrafted with love.


While our ethos is built around quality, we also care deeply about price. We take pride in providing you the best possible products at the best possible price and aim to price all of our ranges fairly and accessibly. With such high-quality products hand selected for you at the best possible price, we really do make the best possible gift. Take a browse through our collection today. Allow us to introduce you to some of our ranges.

Bath and Beauty By Ellie Rose

Our skincare range is entirely handmade by skilled artisans hand selected from around the world. This includes our bath bombs, bath salts, foot soaks, aromatherapy candles and more. Our use of high-quality ingredients is what truly makes this collection shine.

Apart from our candles and melts, the whole collection utilises the all-natural wonder ingredient almond oil. You might wonder what it is that makes something as simple as an almond such a miracle worker. Almond oil has anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. This means it can help with eczema and rashes, improve dark circles, reduce eye puffiness, and leave your skin looking brighter and fresher. This makes almond oil the perfect ingredient for a better complexion, and smooth and healthy moisturised skin. Almond oil works wonders with our other key ingredient, coconut oil. Like almond oil, coconut oil is linked to a range of skin benefits, including anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, further helping you maintain a perfect complexion.

Our candles and melts are magical and packed with amazing aromatherapy ingredients. These products luxuriously aid relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Gifts and more by Ellie Rose

Bath and beauty aren’t all that the Ellie Rose collection has to offer. In our beautifully collated online store you will find beautiful jewellery. What unites are eclectic collection of products is their careful sourcing, and outstanding quality.

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