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Anti-Ageing Facial Polish


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Pro Anti-Ageing Facial Polish with proven regenerating ingredients. Use daily for more elastic, younger looking skin.

With gently exfoliating oats, anti-ageing hyaluronic acid and vegan squalane.

Superfood blue Spirulina and Butterfly Pea combine to bring skin nourishing vitamins for a radiant glow.



Pro Anti-Ageing Facial Polish, with vegan squalene and hyaluronic acid: dubbed the ‘Holy Grail’ of hydrated skin.

We’ve added gently exfoliating ultrafine oats, and nutrient packed butterfly pea flower.

With highly prized superfood, blue Spirulina. Gram for gram, it’s the most nutrient dense food on the planet.

Our softly exfoliating formulation will help your customers achieve youthful, vibrant and amazingly soft skin.

Reduces fine lines and fights signs of ageing, whilst gently exfoliating. With naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory lavender essential oil.

Hand made in the UK to an all-vegan recipe, and packed in a recyclable glass and aluminium jar.

Special Features
  • Scent:rose geranium and lavender essential oil
  • Squalane:supplements the skin’s natural squalane levels, which reduce as we age. Essential for keeping skin supple
  • Hyaluronic Acid:hydrated skin is happy skin. Holy grail hyaluronic does it best
  • Blue Spirulina:the most nutrient dense superfood on the planet. Full of vitamins essential for healthy skin
  • Ultra fine oats:a gentle, natural exfoliator, for a silky smooth polish
  • Coconut Oil:intensely moisturising
  • Lavender & rose geranium oils: skin soothing and uplifting, with antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties


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